Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Homework Books

Ahhhh ... it's homework time again! Year 5 and 6 at our school have to have a hard covered book to put in their homework sheets and written homework - Rhiannon was Year 5 last year and so, nice Mother that I am, I covered her book with special paper ... sucker that I am, I had to do it this year as well! Charlotte came home the other day very excited as at Year 3, she gets a "real" homework sheet each week this year (I hope she is just as excited for the rest of her homework years) ... so of course, she had to have a special book as well. I finally did them this past weekend - they picked the papers, Charlotte is a "blue" girl, Rhiannon went for a more elegant "older" look.

Rhiannon's I used the now retired Holiday Harmony set (still one of my favourites), I've gold embossed the swirls on hers and added Artichoke butterflies.

Charlotte picked out the only blue she could find - from the Bali Breeze set. For her's I added pink swirls and pink/blue butterflies.

I'm not sure that the butterflies will last long, anything raised that is pulled in and out of a box of books at school doesn't hold much hope really, if they come off I'll replace them and stick them flat and re modge podge the top :)


Michelle said...

Oh, aren't you the sweetest Mum?! Well done - they look gorgeous. Hopefully this will help them look forward to doing their homework as well!! Yeah, right!

Jenny said...

These are cute Lisa :) bet their friends are jealous!

Anna Sutherland said...

Wow, don't they look fabulous.

Keryn Campbell said...

Best not let my boy's see those. They'll want boy themed one's for sure.

Your daughters must know they have the best Mum out.

Catherine said...

Nice job Lisa, I really like your creative design. Keep up the good job