Monday, 29 June 2009

A Huge Challenge!

Firstly, I do have a card challenge further down in this post ... just to keep it to stamping!

But first of all ... the huge challenge ... 6mths ago I started jogging, I could hardly run a minute without feeling like I was having a heart attack, my aim was to get to 5km and lose a few extra kilos. Well, I got to 5km, lost a few kilos and then aimed for 10km - I've now run a few 10km fun runs and yesterday ran the Harbour Capital Race, aiming to beat 65min - I ran it in 64min and was thrilled with just that! We went along to the prizegiving and you can just imagine my open mouthed, dropped jaw, stunned look when they read out my number and name as the big spot prize winner!

Yep - that says LONDON ... as David said when I rang him, you mean London, as in England?!

So the challenge? Well, the London Marathon is a huge event, and not that easy to gain entry so it looks like I'm going to have to attempt it ... whether by running or walking *gulp* ... whatever the case, I'm going to London - a much dreamed about, "one day" dream :) :)

Righty ... on to the purpose of this blog! I can't believe how busy I've been since I last posted, just before I went to Australia for Convention, which seems a long long time ago! I actually have a freeish week this week, so hopefully I might even post here a few times before my nutty couple of weeks of each month starts again.

Saturday night, I felt like stamping rather than knitting or stitching which is what I usually do while sitting my tired self in front of the TV, so I printed out a few challenges - hopefully I'll work on the others during this week - and did my ask one of my girls to choose for me so I don't have to think so hard, Charlotte chose Makeesha's Challenge and the new Flower Fancy stamp set. The hardest part of this challenge was the fact I'd looked at Karen Thoma's card earlier on and I couldn't get it out of my head, but didn't want to copy it! I think it is similar ... but different as well, thank you for the inspiration Karen - I think! LOL

Ugggg I have a new camera (okay not that new, but shows how long it is since I posted anything!) and can't work out how to rotate the image - so you'll have to look sideways for now! I might try and work it out later and change it around.

Hopefully you'll see more of me this week! Stay warm and enjoy all that crafting :)