Monday, 8 December 2008

Gift Bags

Howdy, howdy! ... It was definitely time to put a new post up here - the NZSUO blogs really gives you a guilt trip, last posted ... two months ago! It is probably two months since I had time to take a breath LOL

Anyway, as the year starts to wrap up, its also wrapping up time for lots of sports, school etc ... so it's also gifting time. Yesterday it was the end of year Gymnastics display for the two girls, and between them they have seven (yes, seven!) coaches/helpers. So what to give them that wasn't going to cost a fortune? Why, hand-made, using the last odd bits of papers from various DSP packs and a small bar of chocolate, economical and FUN to make ;)

Double pocketed hand bags - Thank you to Julie who showed our team how to make these, they are an awesome idea! I'm not going to put down exactly what I've used, there are too many variants - but basically each bag takes one sheet of 12x12 paper, and then I've used scraps and matching stamps to make the front picture and card to put inside, and then wrapped the bar of chocolate with a bit of matching paper (as matching as possible, some of the paper I used was a last sheet in a pack).

Enough talk - here they are -

Hopefully it won't take another two months to get another post done!