Sunday, 29 March 2009

You know you are busy when ...

You have an exciting box of pre-order SU! goodies that sit there for nearly two weeks before you have time to do anything with them!

I finally got time to sit at my craft table last night for a couple of hours ... I had to tidy it off first, it was a disaster area, so I cleaned it off, put things back where they should be and got my NEW stuff out and put that away ... ahhhhhhh ... better than ... well, better than the work and running around I've been doing the last couple of weeks for sure!

The KWerner Design challenge was perfect colours for the "Good Friends" set that is a new one in the new 2009/2010 Ideas Catalogue ... it didn't really come together as easily or as well as I'd like, but its a fun image, and fun colours.

Hopefully I'll have time later to have another play with a couple of other challenges I'd like to catch up on, I also have a "almost two weeks late" Mykeesha challenge to upload onto my blog!

I'm expecting a quieter week this week - so hopefully it won't take another two weeks to update here again :)

1 comment:

Terri E. said...

Super fun card!!! You rocked this color challenge!

It's a good life!
Terri E.