Friday, 5 September 2008

Happy Father's Day

Something a bit different from the usual paper and card!

Charlotte (6yo) wanted something for news, something they had to hide in a box, I'd been playing with tiles trying to get things to work, so we made this together - then she had her family in a box ;) ... it's also going to make a great Father's Day gift to put on Dad's desk - two jobs done in one go, I like that!
The photography is terrible, my micro thingee on my camera hasn't worked for a while, I could get it fixed, but what I really want is a NEW camera ... definitely on my Christmas list.
I stamped the tile using "All in the Family" and Stazon Black ink, popped it into the oven for a while to make sure the ink was totally set. While it was in the oven Charlotte and I picked out scraps of paper for everyone's clothes and stamped the images again, and then cut them out. Once the tile cooled off we glued the clothes on, and then sealed with the ever faithful Modge Podge :)
... and yes, this is our family - including the cat!

... and talking of family, remember the post a bit further down, with the fresh faced, big smiled 2yo on his first bike? Will that cute blonde kid is now 17yo and rides a motor scooter ... we got a call from A&E on Monday night to say he'd come off it. They were doing a fire exercise next to one of our main streets, a car decided to just stop and have a look, the car behind him slammed on her brakes, just as David turned to look - he saw in time to swerve, but still caught the corner of her car.
Lessons? Always make sure your helmet is *really* latched properly - his came off and he has a huge graze on his face along with a black eye (all pretty surface so not too serious) ... even bigger lesson? If you know anyone with a motor scooter be sure they check their insurance policy, don't just assume it is included under the house and contents ... it is, but you have to actually specifically tell them you have one. Luckily, the damage to the other car wasn't too bad and its not a huge bill, it could have been a lot worse! ... So make the most of those fresh face, cute pre-schoolers, they get bigger, and so do the scratches and bruises!!
Until next time ... happy stamping :)

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