Monday, 27 April 2009

Convention Swaps?

Oh yeah, Convention ... oh yes, I'm excited, counting down the days ... and yes, I have my swap card sussed, I have some of them made, Rhiannon (my 10yo) helped me with a bit of a production line on Saturday, but I am no where near finished. So what do I do? I knit booties! LOL - one of my younger sisters is pregnant and just found out she is having a girl (she has two boys 11 and 13yo and has always wanted a girl), and she mentioned to me that I'm the only person she knows who knits so I should be knitting! ... well, doesn't take much, I haven't knitted cute little baby stuff for years ... so amongst the classes, workshops and supposedly making my convention swaps, I went and bought wool and just couldn't resist any longer.

I'm going to drop the little box on her doorstep sometime today ... I know she'll love it :)

Now, can you see the little pink buttons? (see, this IS related to convention swaps in a round-about way), I took a close up photo of them as well. That is the flower from the Always stamp set, stamped on shrinky stuff, holes punched, heated and shrunk - aren't they cute! ... I was supposed to buy some yesterday and never got near a button kind of shop. Then, as I was stamping about 60 of these flowers (okay, Rhiannon was stamping them), and thinking of the joys of cutting them all out, I thought 0h, button! and it worked! (love it when an idea works ;)).

Today ... I really have to get on to finishing those swaps ...


Lisa Green said...

Those are AMAZING!
How awesome to personalise them in such a way, I am off to convention too, and have only made 15 swaps, eep!

See you there, My excitment is REALLY growing!

Kindest Regards, Lisa Green

Keryn Campbell said...

That is such a clever idea.

Michelle said...

Very very clever!! You're so like me... sample swap done, and I'm off to the hairdresser for the morning to sit and read meaningless magazines, and wonder WHEN I'm going to do my swaps. Probably try and sneak a card table on the plane so i can set up a production line there.. LOL. See you Friday!