Friday, 16 January 2009

Kwernerdesign Colour Inspiration #38

This was a very quick one - I know I'm busy tomorrow, and had about half an hour before I needed to get ready for work this morning, so I did a very quick card using my faithful Scribble This stampset - still one of my favourites!

All the white has been embossed and I finally used one of the felt flowers, I think for last two challenges I've pulled them out wanting to use them, but they just haven't been right - this time!

I think everything else is pretty self-explanatory :)

Now, the next photo probably should go into a separate post, but I uploaded both quickly before I left for work - and now I'm at work and I'm not sure I can pull it out and put it on to a separate post without losing it, probably - but it all seems too hard!
This is Miss Charlotte - I walk into the family room (aka my craft area which is slowly taking over more and more space ...).
Me: What are you doing?
Charlotte: Watching TV
Me: Why don't you sit on the couch (something I say often, believe me)
Charlotte: It's comfortable like this!
Sheesh if I sat like that I probably wouldn't be able to walk for a week! LOL
I thought it would make quite a good scrapbook page ... so keep checking back ...


Keryn Campbell said...

Gorgeous card Lisa. I've got some felt fusion coming, really looking forward to using them if I can get cards that look like yours.

Jenny said...

this is cute! I love that stamp set!

Claire Harrison said...

Beautiful card, I really like that set, but haven't got around to getting it yet- will wait and see if it retiring now! (lol!)
TFS Claire

KarenR said...

very cute card and daughter - love the felt flowers

Louisa Ting Chong said...

WOW! If I had to sit like that I'd probably never walk again! Oh, and the card is lovely - can't believe u put this all together before leaving for work!